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About Me

I am an amateur backend developer and a Flutter application developer in the making, currently a junior at Manipal Institute of Technology.

In my free time I try to learn and use new technologies such as Dialogflow, Firebase, Docker, GraphQL, etc. I also do a bit of backend development in Flask, Node and more recently have been dipping my toes into a bit of Django. I also have experience in database management in MYSQL, Postgres and some Mongo.

After my sophomore year, I interned at Harman International Pvt. Ltd. where I worked under a mentor on the power management of linux operating system and worked on understanding the Generic Power Domains in the operating system.

My work experiences
Summer Intern at Harman International Pvt.Ltd.
  • Understanding the linux operating system
  • Power management drivers in linux
  • Create a software model for linux using star UML
  • Report on various methods to improve power management
Head of Development and Sponsorship at IECSE Manipal
  • Develop application used by the student community in college
  • Mentor students in their various endeavours
  • Host workshops and seminars on a variety of tech topics
  • Interact with various top tech companies for the various needs of the club
System Admin Organiser for TechTatva 17
  • Build a portal in php accessible to the freshers for tech tatva
  • Maintenance of already built websites during the fest
  • Provide technical support to other categories in tech tatva
Some Projects By me

Prometheus Bot

April 2018

A Telegram bot built using Dialogflow for language processing, Flask for handling requests and postgres for DB

My skillset

Through my college curriculum, working on side projects, and by developing software as a part of the institute's official CS club, I have acquired a diverse set of skills, some of which are listed below. Apart from these I also have some experience with other technologies which I used on different projects.

Programming languages   
Frameworks and Technologies
  • Flask
  • Flutter
  • Dialogflow

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